Saturday, May 23, 2015

Every Woman is a Spiritual Mother

On Mother's Day, I wished all of my female patients "Happy Mother's Day!"
One young Native American responded, "I'm not a mother, but I've raised several children."
"Then you're a mother," I told her. She smiled happily.
One of the counselors spoke up. "I don't have any kids."
"You counsel our adolescents, don't you? Then you're a mother." She thought about this for a minute then nodded her head and smiled.
Biological motherhood is the most precious gift a woman can receive. To create new life, to feel that life growing in the womb, to nurture and love a newborn child, is the most wonderful experience in the world. But our love doesn't end there.
Most women, by nature, are empathetic, compassionate, and nurturing. We comfort the sick and dying, tend to the needs of our aging parents, open our homes to neighborhood children, babysit for a friend in need, care for our husbands and children, work tirelessly day and night, if necessary, and strive always to provide a safe, healthy environment. We let a co-worker cry on our shoulder, give advice over cups of coffee and tea, post funny and inspirational quotes on Facebook, and fight for good causes. We defend the helpless and hapless, create harmony and balance, and struggle to make ends meet. We love beauty and calm, tranquility and peace. We are tough when we need to be tough. We provide gentleness in a harsh world.
There are plenty of opportunities to "mother" children broken by abuse, neglect, and indifference: a neighbor child living down the street; a homeless child finding refuge in a local shelter; a juvenile delinquent sitting in a cell. 
There are plenty of opportunities to "mother" adults broken by alcohol, drugs, and hopelessness. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or women's domestic abuse home. Go back to school and become a nurse, social worker, or counselor.
And don't forget our furry friends! Animals need love and protection, too. And there are so many organizations now that need donations of money and time.
Every woman is a spiritual mother. Let me honor all women and their capacity to give love and comfort in a difficult world by saying,
Dawn Pisturino, RN
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