Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Book Review: "Re-Create and Celebrate" by Cindy Georgakas


Re-Create and Celebrate by Cindy Georgakas (2023). Available on

I did not want to read another self-help book. I studied yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbalism, alternative medicine, New Age modalities, and authentic spiritual practices for years. I did a deep dive into Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Plus, fifteen years of mental health experience had taught me the evidence-based practices of mental health care. As the saying goes, “There is nothing new under the sun,” what could Cindy teach me?

Cindy is a warm, good-hearted, and sincere woman who strives to share her life experiences and knowledge with others. Always positive and encouraging, she never approaches people with arrogance or condescension in her voice and attitude. She freely admits her mistakes. Unlike some people on the Internet, Cindy is a role model who can be trusted and admired.

Pushed to the breaking point by a difficult personal situation, I needed renewal and support. A little voice kept telling me to order Cindy’s book. I finally did it, and I’m glad I did.

From the very first word, Cindy’s book reminded me of concepts I had not thought about for years. Her soothing voice spoke to me, calmed me down, and cleared away my turbulent thoughts and emotions. Her presence helped me make an important decision I had been avoiding. Reading her book taught me that no matter what we know or think we know, we sometimes need a nudge from a caring human being to set us back on the right track.

No matter where you are on your quest for self-improvement, Cindy’s book is a valuable guide to help you get where you want to be. I highly recommend it, based on my own experience.


Have a blessed day!

Dawn Pisturino

August 2, 2023

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